Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Sapphire Quartz 1038EF102V Men’s Watch

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Ratio Diver 1038EF102V | Intense, intricate, charming

Shhh…the secret

The Ratio 1038EF102V Diver, surprisingly, is intended both for recreational and professional use. It is well-equipped to stand saturation environments and shares some of the innovative Seiko creations for divers and adventurers and currently under use, globally. This gents’ 1000M diver’s watch is fitted with a helium valve and the SEIKO VX42E date-quartz analog movement. The black dial has the logo RATIO upon it along with the symbol while the red-border minutes-hand is visible to the max! Topped with a sapphire crystal, the Ratio 1038EF102V Diver gets you many of the things that are usually available in the higher price brackets.

History bit that went into it

  • The Helium valve in the Ratio 1038EF102V Diver was Seiko’s answer to the damages created to the watches when you are saturation diving. Even in diving capsules.
  • The 1000m concept is from Seiko.
  • It uses a Seiko movement.

Elaborating further:

Just like its inspiration, the Ratio 1038EF102V Diver is made to withstand diverse situations and harsh environments and is quite worthy of a praise.  The Ratio 1038EF102V Divers’ watch has significant protection against Helium, a constant issue for saturation divers. The gas can penetrate the glass along the edge where it meets the watch case. It increases internal pressure and can burst it open. So – the Helium-escape valve! Opening it releases the accumulated Helium back into the atmosphere. This Helium comes from the Trimix, which is breathing gas comprising oxygen, helium and nitrogen. It’s used during the deep phase of dives, both fortechnical diving and advanced-recreational.

The way it looks

The machined surface of the watch case is fantastic. The brushed finish is fine, making its great tool-like design look even better! The serrated bezel is well-done; it is 60-clicks unidirectional. The clicks have a firm and satisfying feel to them and the lume-dot at 12 adds to its overall night-visibility.

The screw-down crown at 3 and a screw down helium valve at 2, each comes with distinctively different machined-finishes. It increases the grip, especially so under wet conditions.

Powering the Ratio 1038EF102V Diver is a Seiko Epson VX42E, Japan-made quartz movement. This is a basic, workhorse quartz movement with no jewels, but immensely popular for its strong, simple build and accurate timekeeping.  Never lags or races more than 10 seconds a month.

The perforated, polyurethane black dive strap is very comfortable. There’s plenty of space for air to circulate and not let sweat build up. Its solid stainless steel buckle is unique; cool too. The lumed and chromed, rocket shaped hands are prominent time-markers; hard to miss. The lume is excellent with a glow for near-to 8 hours.

Question is…

Do you need a watch with a helium-release valve when the max you make it is to the nearby seaside tourist spot? You might be extremely tempted to answer with a firm “no” but oh, would you question your needs for many of the features and complications you crave in mechanical watches? So maybe, a “Why not?” sounds better.

Product Description

Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe Sapphire Quartz 1038EF102V 1000M Men's Watch

The Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Sapphire Quartz 1038EF102V is for them who love to explore!

It is a watch that converts your exuberance towards unknown realms into a reality!

The FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M offers you newer chances and challenges amidst newer depths and dimensions.

You never know what or where your curiosity might lead you next! So we made a watch that can take you beyond the maximum Freediving limits if needed; we made it for explorers with inquisitive minds.

6 reasons why you should go for the Ratio FreeDiver Helium-safe 1000M watch

  • A well-done watch that’s solidly constructed, the Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Blue Dial Stainless Steel Quartz is an all-around instrument for marine enthusiasts and desk-divers alike. This one joined the hit parade immediately after the 200m Freediver made to the scene and became an instant hit.

  • This excellent tool/diver watch makes you aspire for deeper underwater realms. It has amazed everyone with its wide depth range and features. It surfaces for everyone who looks forward to newer experiences perilous yet pleasurable.

  • The Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Blue Dial Stainless Steel Quartz 1038EF102V is a heavy watch. The heavy-gauge surgical steel construction (case, screw-down crown, engraved case-back w/image of a free diver and the deployment clasp) gives it the weight. It pleasantly assures its presence with its heft while increasing the momentum of your hand’s movements, rather than tying you down with its weight. The thick gauge, surgical-grade stainless steel and the sapphire crystal offers high resistance against tremendous water pressure; physical impacts and violent tugs. The crystal, the case and the case back protect the Japanese quartz movement (with its own shock/magnetism resistant features) within entirely against knocks, bumps and drops.

  • A large sized dial made of brass and painted using silkscreen technique; a big date window and prominent hands and hour markers offer maximum visibility under murky environments and when under pressing situations, you do not have to squint to focus on the dial to read the time (or the bezel/timer reading). A big advantage is the non-radioactive lume-filled prominent hour markers (especially at 12, 6 and 9); they are big, bright and with an almost infinite longevity. It also ensures longer hours of illumination.

  • The serrated bezel, the grooved crown and the knurled helium-valve cover – All facilitate a firm grip with wet fingers, with or without the diving gloves on. It is advised not to operate the crowns under wet conditions. Note: You’ll need the helium valve in your watch for times when you are in a chamber filled with breathing mixture; not necessarily diving bells. You open the valve to let the trapped helium out, which got past the gaskets and seals due to their very fine dimensions. A decreasing external/environmental pressure would make the helium to expand fast and damage the seals, crystal and gaskets in an attempt to escape. The helium valve provides an outlet for the built up pressure to escape.

  • The hour and minute hands of the Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Blue Dial Stainless Steel Quartz 1038EF102V are unique in their shapes. The hour and minute hands are a mix between arrow and sword shapes while the seconds-hand is an improvisation on the sword-style. The red-border on the minutes hand ensures you do not miss out on its position while using the bezel as an elapsed-time indicator.

Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Blue Dial Stainless Steel Quartz: A sum up of time and personal experiences

The Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Blue Dial Stainless Steel Quartz is a great tool watch to which anyone who takes freediving seriously should give a thought. Its specs match that of any pro-grade diver watch but the cost doesn’t. The Ratio FreeDiver Helium Safe 1000M Blue Dial Stainless Steel Quartz wears a tag that’s unbelievably lower than the rest in its league. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another watch from another brand that offers for the same amount.

Specs and their implications

Water Resistance:

  • Water resistant up to 3300ft (1000m).

  • Suitable for professional and everyday use.

  • Suitable for Skin Diving, Scuba Diving, Deep diving, Swimming, Snorkeling, Surfing; spear-fishing; moderate to high-intensity land sports.


Ratio uses non-radioactive luminescent paint for the luminescence in the Freediver 1000m watch. It is a non-radioactive, radiant paint that's applied generously on the hands and the indices of the Freediver. The paint exhibits greater intensity and longer-lasting luminescence. Its output duration doesn’t let you compromise on visibility; let it even be for a few extra hours in the dark! A 10-minutes long exposure to 500 lux or higher intensity light will charge the lume for the next 3-5 hours. A continuous 8-hour exposure to Sunlight on a normal summer day will let it glow for 10+ hours. The longevity of the paint is semi-permanent, ensuring full functionality of the watch even after years of active use.



    SEIKO VX42E Analog Quartz 11 1/2''' Slim Movement [Three hands (H/M/S) with Calendar]


    i. Pre-adjusted tuning fork quartz oscillator; 32,768 Hz

    ii. Operating range: -5℃ to +50℃.


  • 3 Hands Hour / Minute / Second

  • Calendar Instant setting device for date calendar

  • Reset switch

  • Crown pulled out 1st click: Instant date change

  • Crown pulled out 2nd click: Time setting/Reset


  • Jewels: 0

  • Anti-magnetism: Over 1600A/m (Direct current magnetic field)


  • Type / Size Silver oxide battery; φ9.5mm/2.0mm

  • Recommended battery SR920SW (Maxell, Murata, Seizaiken); 1.55 V

  • Battery life Approx. 3 years


  • Equipment: SEIKO quartz tester QT-99, Greiner
    quartz timer-C , Witschi Q-tester 4000.

  • Accuracy: ±20 seconds per month (on wrist).

1038EF102V-BLU-V02 1000M Men's Watch

1038EF102V 1000M Men's Watch

Case Size 49m 45mm
Movement Quartz Quartz
Functions Day, Date, Hour, Minute, Second Date, Hour, Minute, Second
Features Analog Display, 1000M Water Resistance Analog Display, 1000M Water Resistance
Band Material Polyurethane Polyurethane
Crystal Sapphire Sapphire
Water Resistance

1000M 1000M
Engine Caliber: Seiko VX42E Caliber: SEIKO VX42E
Dial Color Blue Black
Dial Markers Dotted Markers Dotted Markers

Prime points

  • Generous use of solid, surgical-grade stainless steel and lume material.

  • Visually appealing watch face with uniquely shaped hands.

  • A proven, reliable movement (Seiko VX42E) with its own magnetism/shock resistant properties.

  • Sapphire crystal

  • 1000m water-resistance


Analog, Black dial with large, prominent hands and hour indices, covered from the top with a sapphire crystal

Case, case back and bracelet material

316L Stainless Steel w/ Deployment Clasp

Other features

2 and 4’o clock crowns: The 4’o clock screw-down crown is for time and date adjustments while the 2’o clock screw-down crown is the helium escape valve. They are placed in a manner that minimises damage to the watch in case of a frontal impact and eliminate the chances of wrist bites if your palm folds against your wrist.



Movement Type



Sapphire Crystal

Band Type


Band Material



Analog, Date Display

Water Resistance


Approximate Case Diameter


Approximate Case Thickness:




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  1. I’m very satisfied with my new cool watch (Ratio Freediver 1000 meters), for a very good price (69% off).

  2. Great watch and great value. I have had it for almost a year and it hasn’t missed a beat. It is very accurate and the luminosity is good. The only fault I have found is that the uni directional bezel is easily caught and turned

  3. perfect-love the watch-have lots of divers- for day to day use is perfect-highly recommended. shipping super fast. don’t forget about tax and duty . is not included. Still will buy again. this is my first review purchased 3 watches.

  4. perfect-love the watch-have lots of divers- for day to day use is perfect-highly recommended. shipping super fast. don’t forget about tax and duty . is not included. Still will buy again. this is my first review purchased 3 watches.

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