Ratio watches started in 2017 in Singapore. The premise was simple – to make quality watches with exceptional craftsmanship, materials, and attention to detail rivaling the big watch brands. At a price point that is accessible. The name we chose – RATIO – signifies not just an exceptional price-to-quality ratio but also the fact that different ratios are ubiquitous in horology. Our logo celebrates the most famous of all ratios – pi.

At Ratio Watches, we’re passionate about creating timepieces that embody the adventurous spirit of extreme sports enthusiasts. Our journey began with the launch of our first collection, which celebrated the thrilling sport of Freediving. The bold designs of this collection immediately caught the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide, inspiring us to continue to add more designs to the range.

But we’re not content with simply resting on our laurels. At Ratio Watches, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of watch design, seeking to create innovative and exciting timepieces that capture the essence of the extreme sports we love.

In 2022, we launched our collection of aviation-inspired watches called the Skysurfer. These watches celebrate the extreme sport of skysurfing (sky surfers jump out of a plane with a surfboard attached to their feet and literally surf the skies!). Designed in Italy, we put a lot of work into every single element of these watches – including the dial, the hands, the colors, and the straps and we even made all these watches 200-meter water resistant. So, with a change of a strap (provided free with all Skysurfer watches), you can take them to the water too!

2023 has been a blessing for us, and we announced the launch of our latest creation, the Freediver X. We’ve poured all of our passion and expertise into designing this watch, collaborating closely with our talented Italian designers to create a timepiece that truly embodies the thrill of Freediving.

The reviews for both our collections have been extremely positive – you can check the Reviews here.

All RATIO watches are made with 316L stainless steel, feature extremely reliable Japanese movements (Seiko or Miyota), have sapphire crystals, strong Japanese lume, and are at least 200m water resistant.

Ratio signifies substance over pomp. Instead of spending big amounts on marketing, we decided to make a quality product and pass the savings on to our customers by pricing our watches reasonably. There will be attention – but the right kind of attention – the kind that really matters.