Shipping Information

Covid update – we are fully operational during this period and all orders are processed and shipped as normal.

We ship to all major destinations in the world (listed below). Your watch is carefully and securely packed in the watch box. The watch box is further secured in a strong non-collapsing cardboard box with layers of impact-proof bubble wrap before shipping. We offer the following shipping methods (both methods are safe and reliable):

1. DHL Express Priority Shipping:  We are pleased to offer highly discounted rates or free shipping (to selected countries) for this shipping option. We recommended chosing this shipping method since it is fast and you can check the status/location of the package online at any point of time. Your order will reach you in 2-4 days (worldwide) once shipped. Insurance against loss or damage is automatically included with this shipping option. You will receive a DHL tracking number usually within 24 hours of placing your order. Using that you can track the location of your package at

Our processing time for both the shipping options is 1-2 days. A tracking reference for the package will be emailed to you once your order is shipped.

Please refer to the following table for a list of countries we ship to and the shipping rates. Click on the country name to see customer comments from that country:

Country DHL Express Priority Shipping
(2-4 days with online package tracking)
Afghanistan SGD 31(DHL Express)
Albania SGD 31(DHL Express)
Algeria SGD 60(DHL Express)
Angola SGD 60(DHL Express)
Argentina SGD 60(DHL Express)
Australia FREE DHL Express
Austria FREE DHL Express
Azerbaijan SGD 31(DHL Express)
Bahamas SGD 60(DHL Express)
Bahrain SGD 31(DHL Express)
Bangladesh SGD 60(DHL Express)
Belarus SGD 31(DHL Express)
Belgium FREE DHL Express
Bermuda SGD 60(DHL Express)
Bosnia SGD 31(DHL Express)
Brazil SGD 31(DHL Express)
Brunei FREE DHL Express
Bulgaria FREE DHL Express
Canada SGD 11(DHL Express)
Canary Islands FREE DHL Express
Chile SGD 60(DHL Express)
China FREE DHL Express
Columbia SGD 60(DHL Express)
Costa Rica SGD 60(DHL Express)
Côte d’Ivoire SGD 60(DHL Express)
Croatia FREE DHL Express
Cyprus FREE DHL Express
Czech Republic FREE DHL Express
Denmark FREE DHL Express
Ecuador SGD 60(DHL Express)
Egypt SGD 31(DHL Express)
Estonia FREE DHL Express
Faroe Islands FREE DHL Express
Fiji SGD 11(DHL Express)
Finland FREE DHL Express
France FREE DHL Express
French Guiana SGD 60(DHL Express)
Germany FREE DHL Express
Greece FREE DHL Express
Greenland FREE DHL Express
Guadeloupe SGD 60(DHL Express)
Guernsey FREE DHL Express
Hong Kong FREE DHL Express
Hungary FREE DHL Express
Iceland FREE DHL Express
India FREE DHL Express
Indonesia FREE DHL Express
Iran SGD 31(DHL Express)
Iraq SGD 60(DHL Express)
Ireland FREE DHL Express
Israel SGD 31(DHL Express)
Italy FREE DHL Express
Japan FREE DHL Express
Jersey FREE DHL Express
Kazakhstan SGD 31(DHL Express)
Kenya SGD 60(DHL Express)
Kosovo SGD 31(DHL Express)
Kuwait SGD 31(DHL Express)
Latvia FREE DHL Express
Lebanon SGD 31(DHL Express)
Lithuania FREE DHL Express
Luxembourg FREE DHL Express
Macau FREE DHL Express
Macedonia SGD 31(DHL Express)
Madagascar SGD 60(DHL Express)
Malaysia FREE DHL Express
Maldives SGD 11(DHL Express)
Malta FREE DHL Express
Martinique SGD 60(DHL Express)
Mauritius SGD 60(DHL Express)
Mexico SGD 11(DHL Express)
Moldova SGD 31(DHL Express)
Monaco FREE DHL Express
Montenegro SGD 31(DHL Express)
Morocco SGD 60(DHL Express)
Mozambique SGD 60(DHL Express)
Myanmar SGD 11(DHL Express)
Namibia SGD 60(DHL Express)
Nepal SGD 11(DHL Express)
Netherlands FREE DHL Express
Netherlands Antilles SGD 31(DHL Express)
New Caledonia SGD 11(DHL Express)
New Zealand FREE DHL Express
Norway FREE DHL Express
Oman SGD 31(DHL Express)
Other SGD 60(DHL Express)
Pakistan SGD 11(DHL Express)
Panama SGD 60(DHL Express)
Papua New Guinea SGD 11(DHL Express)
Paraguay SGD 60(DHL Express)
Peru SGD 60(DHL Express)
Philippines FREE DHL Express
Poland FREE DHL Express
Portugal FREE DHL Express
Puerto Rico SGD 60(DHL Express)
Qatar SGD 31(DHL Express)
Reunion Island SGD 60(DHL Express)
Romania FREE DHL Express
Russia SGD 60(BPost-EMS direct Russia shipping)
Saudi Arabia SGD 31(DHL Express)
Serbia SGD 31(DHL Express)
Singapore FREE Courier Delivery (Speedpost Courier)
Slovak Republic FREE DHL Express
Slovenia FREE DHL Express
South Africa SGD 31(DHL Express)
South Korea FREE DHL Express
Spain FREE DHL Express
Sri Lanka SGD 11(DHL Express)
Sweden FREE DHL Express
Switzerland FREE DHL Express
Taiwan FREE DHL Express
Thailand FREE DHL Express
Turkey SGD 31(DHL Express)
U.S.A. FREE DHL Express
Uganda SGD 60(DHL Express)
Ukraine SGD 31(DHL Express)
United Arab Emirates SGD 31(DHL Express)
United Kingdom FREE DHL Express
Uruguay SGD 60(DHL Express)
Uzbekistan SGD 31(DHL Express)
Venezuela SGD 60(DHL Express)
Vietnam FREE DHL Express
Zambia SGD 60(DHL Express)
Zimbabwe SGD 60(DHL Express)