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Ratio SkySurfer: A Comprehensive Review of Ratio’s Pilot Watches

‘Ratio SkySurfer.’ A name so zesty, it screams adventure, daring, and a dollop of inexplicable madness! Let’s get introduced to this contentious masterpiece. Born from the hands of Italian watchmakers,...

‘Ratio SkySurfer.’ A name so zesty, it screams adventure, daring, and a dollop of inexplicable madness! Let’s get introduced to this contentious masterpiece. Born from the hands of Italian watchmakers, this daredevil is the new kid on the block, opting to sandwich its identity somewhere between an aviator’s trusted companion and the ocean lovers’ delightful indulgence. The SkySurfer is a watch that is desired by many but known by few, making it a true hidden gem in the world of watches. Curious already? Well, hold onto that thought, and let’s plunge together into the stormy seas and lofty heights of the SkySurfer review

Unboxing the Ratio SkySurfer

Let’s start with the unboxing experience. The SkySurfer is packed in a stylish and eco-friendly watch pack that has a dedicated space for the watch and its spare straps. The moment you lay your eyes on the watch, you’ll be swept away by its boldness. The sunburst blue dial is a masterpiece that exudes mystery and sophistication. The leather straps are luxurious and comfortable, making the SkySurfer a joy to wear. Additionally, Ratio offers an extra strap with the watch, including a blue leather strap, and a blue NATO strap, all of which feature quick-release bars. However, be aware that the spare strap doesn’t come with spring bars. Mind you, though, these surprises, or shocks, make the whole unboxing experience a memorable one, if not anything else.

Technical Specifications

Alright, folks, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this airborne beauty, the head-turner: Ratio SkySurfer. Intricate, classy, and built to last, this watch can survive an apocalypse and still tell you it’s time for dinner.

The watch has a 40mm case size that fits snugly on the wrist, thanks to its 316L stainless steel construction. The watch is incredibly durable and can withstand up to 200m of water pressure, making it suitable for almost any water-based activity. A round of applause for our very own wrist-bound submarine, folks.

In the heart of SkySurfer, there beats a dainty little engine – the Seiko NH38A movement. Now, If you’re wondering, “What’s Seiko NH38A?” allow us to put on our nerdy glasses. The 24-Jewels Seiko NH38A, darling, is a mechanical, automatic movement with a zesty beat rate of 21,600bph (3Hz). It’s like the heart of a marathon runner. It won’t skip a beat! It offers a power reserve of a magnificent ’40+ hours’. This reliable workhorse puts the ‘ham’ in ‘automatic’ movement. It’s charming, isn’t it?

Design Details


Let’s dive headfirst into the ocean of aesthetics the Ratio SkySurfer gives us. Its Italian designers have done a pretty decent job with its minimalistic yet elegant looks. The moment you glance at it, the sunburst blue dial is like that rush of excitement you didn’t quite expect. It also comes with an impressive black-toned dial. And believe me when I say it isn’t a shy dial! One try, and that dial will hypnotize your eyes right into submission. Well, that’s a whole new level of sophistication right there. Two components, a broader silver piece topped with a lumed sword.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, you come face-to-face with the watch case design. The case doesn’t try too hard; it’s comfortable in its own metal skin. And that crown, well, it’s as smooth as butter on your toast.

Well, there’s something more that might miss many expert eyes. The intricate detailing of the second hand with the brand logo. It’s an art within an art.

Strap Options and Comfort

Ratio SkySurfer truly pampered us with not one, not two, but three strap options. Feast your eyes on the luscious blue and black leather straps and the cool, calm, and collected blue Nato strap. How’s that for fashion flexibility?

Now, onto the real test—the comfort factor. Because let’s face it, if it’s scratching your skin like an annoyed cat, what’s the point? I found the blue leather strap worked like a charm, embracing my wrist with its cozy snuggles. The Nato strap, on the other hand, seemed a bit initially aloof. But hey, it just needs some time to loosen up! Moving on to the unexpected hero of this story: quick-release spring bars. Ratio SkySurfer came with these lovely inventions that let us swap straps with our own fingertips without the help of any tool kit.

Comparison with Other Brands

In terms of value for money, the SkySurfer is an excellent choice for watch enthusiasts who are looking for a high-quality timepiece that won’t break the bank. While it may not be in the same league as Rolex or Omega, the SkySurfer is a worthy contender that stands out in the world of affordable Pilot watches. Its personal style adds to the Flieger tradition, making it an attractive option for aviation enthusiasts. Oh, not to forget the ‘value for money’ tattoo it proudly wears, stunning Seikos left, right, and center. Now, that’s what you call a sky-high battle!

Touch the Sky-High Dream

So, if your wallet’s crying every time, you even think of luxury watches and you’re a bit of an aviation nut, pull yourself together with Ratio Skysurfer. It is a watch that punches way above its weight and gives the big names a run for their money. With its incredible durability, stunning aesthetics, and comfortable design, the SkySurfer is sure to become a favorite amongst watch enthusiasts for years to come.


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