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Ratio FreeDiver 200m: Perfect For Professional Diving Or Just Pool Parties?

Hey everyone! Let's talk about a watch that's been riding the waves lately – the Ratio FreeDiver Professional Quartz 200M.

Hey everyone! Let's talk about a watch that's been riding the waves lately – the Ratio FreeDiver Professional Quartz 200M. If you’re someone who flips between office meetings and weekend dive trips, finding a watch that fits both worlds might seem like a tall order. Enter the Ratio FreeDiver watch, which is worth every hype as one of the finest automatic men's watches in the market.

 The collection of sapphire watches are in available in an array of vivid colors. Among them, the blue dial watches have struck a separate chord for divers and thrill seekers. Here we’ll tell you give you all the insight on the series, keeping the popular blue dial version as the point exhibit.

First Impressions


Right out of the box, the Ratio FreeDiver will catch your eye with its sapphire crystal and vibrant colors. The blue dial watch is perfect for a swim with the soothing hue and it works impressively smooth. The SEIKO VX42 quartz movement at its heart further cements the trust. At the end of the day, you can trust that your FreeDiver sapphire watch won’t shut down on you under any circumstances, may it just be a simple day or a soulful one among waves and reefs. This watch just won’t let you down.

Built Like a Tank


Pretty and strong, the Ratio FreeDiver ticks both criteria. The sapphire crystal of the blue dial watch comes with a resistant PA strap, shielding against most scratches and shocks. And that stainless steel bezel with the ceramic inlay is unbelievably tough, and it looks very cool. Overall, the FreeDiver blue dial watch can withstand the test of strength with flying colors. The sturdy design allows it to work as smoothly underwater as it does above.

Deep Dive Ready  


Now, for the real test – water resistance. The series boasts a 200m water resistance. This is the biggest catch behind the Ratio FreeDiver series being so popular. Loved especially by aquaphiles, the watch is the perfect buddy for numerous underwater activities like snorkeling, diving, and even for those leisure swims on your vacation. The large markers and luminosity on the dial makes it easy to check the time underwater. The sapphire crystal even has an anti-reflective coating, which is a bonus  if you’re using it in the sun. Plus, there’s also a handy date feature that keeps track of all the dive logs to remind you when it’s time to head back up.

Not Just for Show

The looks and features are great, but this automatic men’s watch series is also incredibly versatile. This series has been crafted to hang tough against deep sea currents and underwater pressure while also pairing up nicely for everyday occasions. The design strikes that rare balance – rugged yet refined, making it a solid choice for practically any setting. And apart from the Blue dial watches, several other color options like Ice Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, White and Mint Green, make them worth your while.



The Ratio FreeDiver isn’t just another watch on your wrist, it’s a reliable piece of gear for everyday life as well as all exciting adventures. Whether you’re diving into the deep blue or just diving into a pool party, this watch is up for the experience.

 For the extremely affordable price point, this series is truly a gem. It is hard to find a good diver watch with so many additional features without denting your pocket. So, the extremely affordable price point is just another factor that makes the Ratio FreeDiver series a true gem. Overall, this is the perfect watch to pair with a thrill-loving personality.  

 So, if you’re on the fence about getting a watch that can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle and still rock a casual look, consider this your green light. The Ratio FreeDiver is a companion for those who don’t believe in limits underwater or on dry land.


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