About Us – Ratio

Our Brand
We, Ratio, are a watch brand from Singapore. We’ve started recently, in 2017. We bring Japanese technology and Italian craftsmanship together under the Ratio name.

We cater to the categories of dress, sports (including diver) and dress-sports. Our first offering is a range of professional freediving watches. The Ratio Freediver range is available both in quartz and automatic versions, in time-only and chronograph formats, with the day/date or date functions.

We strive to bring professionals our timekeeping tools at prices not requiring deep pockets to attain. The raw, authentic formats are beautiful in their own ways, free of frills – much like serious sports and professions; doesn’t matter if it’s on land, on hilly terrains, along rivers and in oceans; also in air. You can’t probably go to Space wearing a Ratio, but then again, it hasn’t been tested practically for such extremes.

Our Journey
In 2017; Ratio Watches was started with just one goal in mind. In founder’s own words – “I started in 2017 after undergoing a free-diving course, since swimming didn’t excite that much anymore. The idea of starting a watch brand has stuck in the mind since sometime; the free-diving experience gave it a boost! The first collection; therefore, I wanted to celebrate freediving not just as a sport but also as a way of life. It will be appreciated within and outside the circles.” 

Italian and Japanese Connection
An Italian collaboration is not something you’ll find too often in this segment of affordable, pro-grade diver watches. Italian touches bring that perfect balance between innovation, strength and creativity; every major watch brand in the world proves it, including the Swiss. Despite being phenomenally successful at things painfully brain-aching, tricky and complex, they owe many of their values to Italian design. Swiss watches would remain as spectacular but without the cult following. They would continue without developing into a culture of flourishing styles, fun, emotions and raw sex appeal. To do that, the Italians marched in and over time, invented watch collecting as a hobby for the rest of the world to follow.

We let them please your senses. And let the incredibly advanced Japanese technology to embrace our watches from the inside. The use of Japanese movements in our watches brings them more precision, ruggedness and accuracy than mid-range – and slightly higher-end – professional grade watches, both quartz and automatic.