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  1. Nice lil monster seiko replacement – Lume was brightly lighted for 2-3 minutes was initially and then settled for next 5-6 hours. Wish it came with watch link remover like watchdive watches. Was tought using household items to remove it and save $5-10 at jeweler. Watch keeping time +10 to +20 sec a day. Steel bracelet need filling down to avoid cut from sharp edges.

  2. Very nice watch. – This is a very nice watch, looks good, not too big, quality components, great strap. The second hand doesn’t match up with the indices. That is my only negative. It is worth the price, Safire crystal and seiko movement, all good.

  3. Beautiful watch – Arrived today. Already I’m liking it more than my seiko srp777 turtle. It comes in a nice box. It already has better lume than seiko. It’s timekeeping is at least on par. Errrr it IS seiko timekeeping. But it looks better, has better price, and wears better. Yup I am happy to replace my turtle with this one. Idk if the 1000m water or the helium valve work but nobody including me will know and I’ll update you humans if I ever go saturation diving over 1km deep and need a helium valve. Nobody will. This watch is on effing point.

  4. Great buy – this watch is the best I have ever bought in the low-cost watch category. the watch is beautiful and very well built it keeps perfect time so far and feels and looks rugged. this brand of watches is all designed in Italy. The company is RATIO and has a whole line of diver and dress watches.

  5. My new daily wear – I like the watch a lot. Comfortable, looks good on my big wrist. Had to buy a longer band but that’s ok. Hard to see in the dark even after a day in full sunlight. That’s why only 4 stars.