Ratio FreeDiver Helium-Safe 1000M Sapphire Automatic 1068HA90-34VA-YLW Men’s Watch

Ratio FreeDiver Helium-Safe 1000M Sapphire Automatic 1068HA90-34VA-YLW Men’s Watch

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Ratio FreeDiver Helium-Safe 1000M Sapphire Automatic (1068HA90-34VA-YLW)| Bright, optimistic, enlightened

The Ratio FreeDiver Helium-Safe 1000M Sapphire Automatic (1068HA90-34VA-YLW) is an innovative diver’s watch, meant for divers and adventurers globally. The model features a professional-grade, corrosion/erosion proof and shock-resistant, airtight case around one of the most revered name among stock movements. The perforated band makes trapped moisture evaporate faster. Its timeless design is based upon the set dive watch standards and norms. User-friendly luminous dots and hour-markers upon a yellow background make the watch very lively; it also heightens your distinctive optimism.

Facts before figures

The Ratio FreeDiver Helium-Safe 1000M Sapphire Automatic (1068HA90-34VA-YLW) is a 1000m depth-rated diver watch; its shape reminiscent of its retro cousins and brethrens. Crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel, it has a fully-functional, Helium-release valve suitable for saturation/deep-sea diving. The sapphire crystal is slightly domed, magnifying the dial underneath.

What complies?

  • An appealing appearance for anyone with a passion for dive watches.
  • Retro/modern design meets extraordinary technique.
  • Descends to depths even greater than the world record for free diving!
  • Guaranteed on its accuracy and reliability! The Seiko Caliber NH36 is crafted and assembled by expert and experienced watchmakers in Seiko’s in-house facilities. It has the usual configuration of a balance wheel and a hairspring besides the mainspring; it’s the ETACHRON regulator that ensures its accurate timekeeping, enhancing its reliability.
  • The base is a curved metal slab; engraved and offering a stronger grip and heightened protection.

Figures define the watch

  • Pressure tested for 1000 meters underwater.
  • 316L steel is inert towards any kind of corrosion, including rust.
  • Measures 47mm across and 15mm thick; excellent visibility under low light.
  • Seiko Caliber NH36 is a workhorse movement, built to withstand high-intensity impacts and concussive shocks and provide accurate timing.

Should you buy it?

Those with ‘hardcore divers’ on their lists, will find this flashy yellow watch just that little bit glossier than other serious dive watches, helping it to gel well with the flowing crowd. As its name implies, it’s rated to a massive 1000m of water pressure, helping you to get into the more serious (but fun) sides of any water sport.


Seiko NH36



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