Ratiowatches.com Worldwide Warranty
A two-year international manufacturer warranty.
By providing our warranty, we can offer authentic watches at discounted prices and protect you against manufacturing defects.

Ratiowatches.com Worldwide Warranty

What happens when a watch needs repairs?

Each watch is quality inspected before being shipped to you

An international warranty card is included with your watch

Send us an email and we’ll analyse your issue. If repair is needed, we’ll ask you to take the watch to the service center or to send the watch to us; then we’ll service it and return it to you.

In the event that your watch requires repair or servicing, send the watch back to us and we will repair it and return to you. You pay only for the shipping charges.

What’s covered or not covered by your warranty?

Your warranty covers the internal mechanism of the watch.

It does not cover external physical damage, including:

  • Water/moisture damage
  • Damage to the watch case or glass
  • Missing stones or gems (e.g., from the watch face)
  • Damage to the watch bracelet/band or straps
  • Damage to the crown/stem or finishes
  • Damage to clasps/buckles
  • Signs of wear and tear to the watch from normal daily use
  • Damage to the battery
  • The warranty does not cover damage under conditions that are not in line with specified manufacturer guidelines, e.g. defects
  • caused by outside force, improper use, or that exceed water resistance guidelines.
  • Also, note that damage as a result of having the watch serviced by a third party voids our warranty. This is generally easy for our service center to identify and, in such cases, repairs will be charged.
  • For automatic watches, please refer to this information.
Are the watches genuine?

Absolutely! Every watch is manufactured by us and is quality checked prior to dispatch.

We invite you to contact us with any questions about our products or services. You can reach us by phone Monday – Friday 9am-5pm or, contact us via e-mail at any time.
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