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Ratio: For precise time-tracking and unflinching robustness

Ratio: For precise time-tracking and unflinching robustness

In the history of watch-making, there are quite a few of the firsts that set milestones. The price, most often, you pay up for that is sizeable money, unless HUGE!  This stops them from becoming everyday watches for everyone but Ratio turned such equations upside down. The Ratio is a watch that does its job […]

Ratio FreeDiver – The π-day upshot

One-line story: From a visual standpoint: It is easy to spot the deviations and make you kinda wonder about what’s on the other person’s wrist. Free time reading: It’s the 31st time that π-day will be celebrated worldwide on the 14th of March i.e. tomorrow. Let’s also celebrate our own little    π-day within ourselves.  For […]

Dive watches: Where do they come from? Part -II

Today, diving is a more widespread phenomenon than you might know. Today, the scene is a lot different than it was during the early twentieth century. Diving is no more an activity solely dedicated to professionals from the maritime institutions or the military. Adventure is now very much a part of the urban dwellers’ soul; […]