Ratio: For precise time-tracking and unflinching robustness

Ratio: For precise time-tracking and unflinching robustness
In the history of watch-making, there are quite a few of the firsts that set milestones. The price, most often, you pay up for that is sizeable money, unless HUGE!  This stops them from becoming everyday watches for everyone but Ratio turned such equations upside down. The Ratio is a watch that does its job well. A Ratio watch is for everywhere except very formal parties with strict dress codes. It’s decent enough for the office, dazzling enough for sports, holidays…whatever! It doesn’t have tons of features to keep you busy through the entire day; they just make your active life easier! The Ratio makes a perfect, chunky everyday watch primarily because it doesn’t upstage its wearer. It becomes your go-to watch too easily and finds the most usage. It is longevity and classic features packed in a good size! It doesn’t stop you from making noise or dance. Imagine a new Omega or Rolex banging hard against the rock? Ratio is probably one among those mid-tier watches that could create serious impacts on buyers. A professional’s tool that an averagely active civilian might also wear! Its achievements haven’t gone ignored; it offers things as good as many of the rivals that sell for an amount few more times. It’s not a piece of horological history but an affordable alternative that fulfills the defining criteria well and good. The Ratio offers you a truly well-crafted watch! Only the best parts go into it; it’s assembled with precision which meets edge to edge.  You will discover more as you will use it. Wearing a Ratio is bit like getting a tattoo, an undying love that’s hard to stop. The Ratio on the wrist of a professional is a vital instrument while a regular city night will see it a style necessity. Whether you are going underwater treasure hunting or heading for the beachside bar or aboard your schooner on a dark and stormy night, Ratio is hard to beat. Its solid components you would expect to be in watches starting above $500; the Ratio comes in well under. The Ratio is somewhere between generic and exclusive among the mid-tier sports/luxury diver watches. It looks good; it’s purposeful and well-proportioned. It has attractive elements; its features don’t jump out to announce their presence. Still, it is miles away from a meek, delicate or shy look; it marks its presence silently unlike a lot of modern watches. The Ratio is for you if you don’t sport an air that tells you are trying to be cool. It is plain and not a tacky alternative to more expensive Diver watches. It is best suited to casual and semi-formal attire in an urban life and the rocky terrains and deep, cloudy waters in the wild. Below is the link to the watches mentioned in the post. Click  to buy:
  • https://www.ratiowatches.com/
  • http://www.creationwatches.com/products/ratio-watches-431/?currency=USD

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