The freediving essentials

As time arrives for moving past the adolescent frogman fantasies, divers come in. But the Freediver-s?
Those who yet don’t know about freediving, free-diving or free diving, try to think if you have heard about breath-hold diving. Or, maybe skin diving? This underwater diving form relies on a divers’ ability of holding their breath till again resurfacing. It has nothing to do with breathing apparatuses or the scuba gear.

The down side of this form of diving is there’s a limit to the breath-hold; immersion in water is indefinite and exposure to high, ambient pressures boggle with your physiology. No wonder it will churn the insides of an ordinary watch.

But to every freediver, limits of depths and durations are different. Same goes for the watches. So the Ratio Freediver is here. Try traditional fishing techniques with one of these on; go competitive freediving or spear-fishing; for freediving photography. Get into synchronized swimming or underwater football and rugby, even hockey and target shooting underwater! Even into competitions for attaining greater depths for extended times and to cover longer distances on a single breath! The Ratio Freediver will never disappoint you.

The Freediver-s house perfectly decent movements; they are never intended to be horological marvels of significance per se. You can’t blow things up and kill people with the Freediver, but you can kill many former records and blow up egos with these beasts. Straddling an uncomfortable fence comfortably between luxury and utilitarianism, the Ratio Freediver is becoming one of the most successful recent divers with a somewhat standard form and shape.
The Freediver doesn’t make you look like a poser. They are different from the usual helium-valved monstrosities with 1,000-meter WR pieces on burly wrists. They are what you turn toward when you can’t hide anymore of your disdain for designer watches but find yourself reluctant to go for divers that are oh-so-commonplace. If you do not have a budget for IWC, Piaget and JLC or even the high-tier Seiko, the Ratio Freediver is what might bring you a lot of relief. It applies even for novice collectors with limited funds but with eyes full of dreams of owning something exotic Yes, even with that 1000 m rating.